UFO Buster Radio News – 417: Meeting With ET Goes Sour, Alien Agenda, Remote Viewing Mars, and Water in the Moon

Manny/ September 28, 2020/ From Manny

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Conspiracy theorist ‘stole truck to avoid being late for meeting with space aliens’
Link: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/28/conspiracy-theorist-stole-truck-to-avoid-being-late-for-meeting-with-space-aliens-13339711/

A conspiracy theorist claimed that he had stolen a truck because he didn’t want to be late for a meeting with space aliens, police said. Bryce Jerald Dixon allegedly told cops in New Fork, Utah that he needed the truck so that he could ‘get to the colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats.’ following Sunday’s alleged theft.

Before driving all the way to this ‘colosseum,’ Dixon had a change of heart and drove it back from the 7 Eleven store where the car was first stolen, police said.

Dixon told police that he felt bad about stealing the red pickup truck but he continued to talk about how the aliens needed him for a meeting.

The truck’s owner had stopped into a 7 Eleven with the keys inside when the theft took place, court documents said.

The truck owner allegedly punched Dixon in the face when the alien fanatic tried to slip past officers.

He was taken to the hospital before being booked into the Utah County Jail, where police said he attempted to escape custody three times. He is charged with suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and three counts of attempted escape.

‘What is the alien agenda?’ asks Courier reader who witnessed ‘air battle between two UFOs’ 40 years ago
Link: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/uk-world/1540597/feature-what-is-the-alien-agenda-asks-courier-reader-who-witnessed-air-battle-between-two-ufos-40-years-ago/

Australian investigator Phil Tindale, who witnessed an “air battle between two UFOs” 40 years ago and is interested in Scottish sightings, explains why he is convinced we are not alone.

Australian man Phil Tindale has good reason to have a strong interest in UFOs.
As 10-year-olds in the South Australian town of Aldgate just over 40 years ago, he and his twin brother Rob witnessed a “hostile chase between two highly advanced craft resulting in one of those craft crashing into a tree”.

The crash was reported by a third witness who was able to have a close look at the craft which resembled an “eight metre long yellow speed boat from it’s under side”.

However, by the time police arrived, the object had disappeared leaving only unexplained broken branches.

Phil recently contacted The Courier from Australia after reading a Courier feature online about renowned Scottish UFO investigator and self-confessed UFO sceptic Malcolm Robinson who believes that aliens have almost certainly visited Tayside and Fife.

Four decades on from his own experience, Malcolm says he is “100%” convinced what he saw was extra-terrestrial, and not military.

But he also believes the question is no longer “are we alone”. Instead we must ask “what is the alien agenda”?

“It’s a question that we have ignored for the past 70 years,” says Phil.

“Reported UFO cases date back to the 1500’s when a township in Germany witnessed a battle between celestial objects which was reported in the broadsheet journals of Nuremberg.

“From the 1940’s a new and increased wave of alien activity began.

“Pilots reported seeing strange spherical craft following them into battle during WW2.

“Then in 1961 came the first reported alien abduction.

“Betty and Barney Hill provided compelling and consistent testimonies of the incident which occurred along a roadside late at night.

“Will this new reality change our view towards each other, can we learn to appreciate the creatures that we share our planet with, and appreciate the value of our own beautiful Earth?”

CIA hired PSYCHIC to ‘find’ ancient civilisation of ‘tall, thin aliens’ on Mars, bizarre docs reveal
Link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12738604/cia-hired-psychic-ancient-civilisation-aliens-mars/

THE CIA hired a psychic to look for an alien civilisation on Mars, it has been revealed.

The wacky experiment, conducted in 1984, was carried out with an unnamed man who claimed to be able to “see” the surface of the planet from a distance using his mind.

The attempt was reportedly part of Project Stargate, a US Army unit set up in 1978 to investigate the potential use of psychic phenomena in the military and elsewhere.

The project cost $20million and reportedly enlisted the likes of celebrity psychic and famed spoon bender Uri Geller.

The CIA released the records from the project online in 2017, and details of the Mars experiment were uncovered by British investigator Nick Redfern.

The files reportedly describe how a “remote viewer” was given “special coordinates” for the test.

He then described a number of shelters visible on the surface of the planet.

“Different chambers…but they’re almost stripped of any kind of furnishings or anything,” he said

“It’s like ah…strictly [a] functional place for sleeping or that’s not a good word, hibernations, some form.

“I can’t, I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms.”


Asked to move closer to the creatures, he then said they appeared to be dying out because of environmental change.

“They’re ancient people. They’re dying. It’s past their time or age,” he said.

“They’re very philosophic about it. They’re just looking for a way to survive and they just can’t.

“They’re…ah…evidently was a…a group or party of them that went to find…ah…new place to live.

LUNAR LURKERS Alien life could be hiding underground on the MOON as Harvard geniuses say it’s time to start drilling
Link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/12790119/alien-life-moon-drill-underground-water-lakes/

ALIEN life could be lurking in deep underwater lakes on the Moon, scientists believe.

The Moon’s surface is inhospitable – a rocky wasteland with no air to breathe.

And the absence of surface water on the Moon makes matters even bleaker.

But the same might not be true below ground, where high pressure could create a life-friendly environment.

Liquid water could exist in these deep areas of the Moon, far below the lunar surface – according to top space scientists from Harvard and the Florida Institute of Technology.

“Surface water requires an atmosphere to maintain a finite pressure, without which liquid water cannot exist,” said Dr Manasvi Lingam, the lead author on the project.

“However, when one moves to deeper regions, the upper layers exert pressure and thus permit the existence of liquid water in principle.

“For instance, Mars does not currently have any longstanding bodies of water on its surface, but it is known to have subsurface lakes.”

Scientists will now need to drill down below the surface to hunt for signs of water – and ultimately, life.

But it’s not easy: the Moon is huge.

The good news is that there’s hope for such missions.

“Drilling might be possible in the context of the Artemis program to establish a sustainable base on the Moon by 2024,” said Dr Avi Loeb, of Harvard University.

“One can imagine robots and heavy machinery that will drill deep under the lunar surface in search of life, just as we do in searching for oil on Earth.”

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