UFO Buster Radio News – 429: (Take 2) No Alien Life Yet, Trump Will Declassify UFO Files, and Convincing Alien Abduction Stories

Manny/ November 9, 2020/ From Manny

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Sheriff’s Report, November 5, 2020
Link: https://www.waheagle.com/story/2020/11/05/sheriffs-report/sheriffs-report-november-5-2020/18548.html

October 26 – 11:32 a.m. A caller was concerned about the welfare of two calves after seeing them knee deep in muck on a property on East Sunny Sands. 1:56 p.m.

October 27 – 6:59 a.m. A caller reported a deceased deer on SR 4 just east of Cathlamet. 9:03 a.m. A caller reported that logging vehicles had been speeding on West Deep River Road all day long.

October 28 – 1:46 a.m. A caller requested assistance because the battery in her car appeared to be dead. She called back a minute later to say she no longer needed assistance; she was able to get the car started. 6:52 a.m. A Grays River resident saw 50 objects in the night sky moving from west to east in a straight line. He believed they were UFOs. He was transferred to a UFO hotline.

Why Haven’t We Found Alien Life Yet? Blame Our Closed Minds
Link: https://www.discovermagazine.com/the-sciences/why-havent-we-found-alien-life-yet-blame-our-closed-minds

Limits don’t sit well with Avi Loeb.

Loeb quickly reels some off to me over the phone (hands-free) during a drive home from work: About 25 billion stars, roughly one-quarter of those that reside in the Milky Way, lie in a habitable zone. He rounds that down to an even 10 billion to keep the calculations simple. “And then there are about a trillion galaxies like the Milky Way,” he says, “which means there are about 1022 [10 billion trillion] planets in the observable universe that could potentially host life as we know it.” In other words, searches for extraterrestrial life have barely scratched the surface. “As in other areas of exploratory science,” Loeb says, “we should investigate thoroughly before making sweeping pronouncements.”

When it comes to SETI, evidence ultimately carries the day, Loeb insists. “We should collect evidence without prejudice, without assuming we know the truth in advance, and see what we learn.” On the other hand, he says, we should be open-minded and allow for some risk-taking in our pursuit of that evidence. As the physicists Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison wrote in 1959, one year before SETI began: “The probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chance of success is zero.”

Speculation Swirls Around The Possibility That Donald Trump Will Declassify UFO Files
Link: https://www.inquisitr.com/6373630/donald-trump-declassify-ufo-files/

Now that Donald Trump appears on track to be leaving the White House in January, many are pointing to the possibility that the president will declassify intelligence files on many mysterious issues, including UFOs.

“Trump is still POTUS. He can release any information he wants via Twitter. Literally it’s legal for him to drop anything – UFO files, Russia stuff, total discretion,” tweeted conservative commentator Mike Cernovich.

Trump ally Tucker Carlson last month claimed that there is a wealth of evidence that proves the existence of UFOs. The Fox News host spoke to James Fox, director of the documentary called The Phenomenon, who touched on former Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s claim that UFOs have been interfering with American nuclear capabilities throughout history.

The 9 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories In Modern History
Link: https://allthatsinteresting.com/alien-abductions

Barney And Betty Hill’s Alien Abduction Story Started It All
The 1969 Berkshires UFO Incident That Shocked An Entire Town
The UFO Abduction Of Whitley Strieber While He Was Writing Sci-Fi
The Pascagoula Alien Story That Saw Two Fishermen Subjected To Experimentation

The Alien Abduction Of Antônio Villas Boas That Ended In Extraterrestrial Coitus

In 1954, two Venezuelan teenagers claimed that they found a UFO in the woods and were only able to escape with their lives after fighting off small, hairy aliens. Brazilian journalist João Martins covered the alleged experience in 1957, and asked readers to send in their own. That’s when he was contacted by farmer Antonio Villas Boas.

Boas said he had been working nights in his family’s field in order to avoid the hot daytime temperatures. On Oct. 16, 1957, he purportedly saw a “red star” above the fields near São Francisco de Sales. As it approached, Boas claimed that atop the egg-shaped craft was a cupola containing a rotating red light.

As the vessel extended its three legs to the earth, Boas claimed that he tried to flee, but was captured by five-foot-tall beings wearing grey overalls and helmets and then taken aboard their ship. Boas alleged that the beings’ eyes were blue and small and their communication consisted of animal-like sounds.

After blood was taken from his chin, Boas was purportedly placed into a room filled with a strange gas which caused him to feel severely ill. Soon, a naked and attractive female entered the room. Boas claimed the woman was adorned with long, blond hair and red pubic hair and that the two soon engaged in sex.

Afterwards, the woman gestured to her stomach then motioned upwards, which Boas later interpreted to mean that she would raise their child in space. Boas claimed he felt angry at having been treated like a “good stallion” by the beings. He was subsequently taken off the ship and watched it ascend to the heavens. Four hours had passed since his abduction.

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