UFO Buster Radio News – 432: The End of UBR, Aliens in Dreams, and UFOs of South Dallas

Manny/ November 17, 2020/ From Manny

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What is Seeing an Alien in Dreaming? Seeing a Green Alien with a Spaceship (Ufo)
Link: https://www.milliyet.com.tr/pembenar/ruyada-uzayli-gormek-nedir-uzay-gemisi-ufo-ile-birlikte-yesil-uzayli-gormek-6355821

Dreaming of an alien can have many meanings.

Seeing an alien in a dream

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will become closer over time with a person whom he looks or sees negatively. It is interpreted as having sympathy for this person and receiving favor from him.Dream It means that the fears of its owner in the subconscious will come to light over time and will face it.

Seeing an alien attack in a dream

It represents the war in which the dreamer lived. He expresses the presence of an emotion that he cannot reckon with in his inner world and the inner troubles he experiences with this feeling continue. It signifies that the fears that he cannot face will grow like an avalanche and that troubled days will begin.

Seeing You Kill an Alien in a Dream

It is interpreted that a thought that bothering you in the near future will result in a positive result, inner peace will be reached and it will be the beginning of good days. It indicates that he will spend a lot of effort for this cause and he will receive help from his loved ones.

They catch strange lights in the sky that change shape and everything points to a possible UFO
Link: https://laopinion.com/2020/11/17/captan-unas-luces-extranas-en-el-cielo-que-cambian-de-forma-y-todo-apunta-a-posible-ovni/

Many people speculated on what the lights could be, from drones to possible aliens

Fascinating images are being shared showing a series of bright lights hovering over Texas, sparking rumors that it is a possible UFO.

The mysterious lights were seen in the sky, changing shape and position, in three different counties within an 80-mile radius.

Stargazers in and around Dallas shared the sightings after images of the strange presence over Duncanville, in the south of the city, were shared online.

A wave of witnesses claimed to have witnessed sightings from multiple sites , with some convinced that the lights were coming from visiting aliens.

“What I saw mesmerized me. I was visiting family for my grandmother’s birthday and happened to look up.

I saw bright lights floating very slowly and that’s when I knew it was something out of the ordinary, not scary, just crazy to look at.

I believe in aliens, so the first thing that came to mind was a UFO. As soon as I saw it, I was dazzled, it seemed so real.

I wouldn’t mind if aliens came to visit us, but knowing us in the United States we will probably attack them first, ”said retail manager Javier Estrada III, as reflected in The Mirror.

In Javier’s video, four lights are seen in the starry sky, changing from a kite-like formation to a square symbol, before separating and disappearing from view.

Sightings were reported in a total of eight different areas in and around the city, mainly to the south, and many described the lights forming a “straight line.”

Spectators also reported the phenomenon in Allen, to the north of the city, and Granbury, to the southwest, which are separated by a distance that would take almost two hours to drive.

More than 16,000 people claimed to see the images, there were many suggestions as to what the lights could be.

Some suggested that the screen was caused by drones or Chinese lanterns, but no one dared to give an explanation of how they looked in such remote places.

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