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Twin Golden UFOs Light Up the Night Sky

Manny/ March 6, 2017/ From Manny

  Did they truly summon UFOs in Florida? An amazing video of twin golden UFOs being summoned by a group out in Vero Beach Fl. and the world was none the wiser. Back in 2015 Stephen Greer and a group of paying participants took to Vero Beach to

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Stephen Bassett Battles The Truth Embargo Waiting on Obama

Manny/ November 18, 2016/ From Manny

UFOlogy’s Rocky Balboa Group Continues to Fight to The Bitter End Waiting on Obama The Paradigm Research Group (PRG) will not go down without a fight. It appears from a press release the organization has received word that those knowledgeable or involved with Extraterrestrials within the military/intelligence community

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