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Scott C. Waring Call’s It Quits – Let’s Rejoice

Manny/ May 22, 2017/ From Manny

After years of seeing rats and crabs on Mars, Waring and his amped up pareidolia call it quits. Scott C. Waring announced on ufosightingsdaily.com that he was hanging up his search for the truth. Many people have rejoiced at the notion that he was finally out of the UFOlogy picture.

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Twin Golden UFOs Light Up the Night Sky

Manny/ March 6, 2017/ From Manny

  Did they truly summon UFOs in Florida? An amazing video of twin golden UFOs being summoned by a group out in Vero Beach Fl. and the world was none the wiser. Back in 2015 Stephen Greer and a group of paying participants took to Vero Beach to

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Chilean Navy UFO May Have Been Debunked

Manny/ January 21, 2017/ From Manny

CHILEAN NAVY UFO DEBUNKED On January 5th the Huffington Post published an amazing video relating a UFO which was released by the Chilean Navy. Without a doubt the video presented a UFO captured by a Navy helicopter crew testing a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera. The article drove

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It’s Time for UFOLOGY to Wage a War Against Secrecy

Manny/ November 12, 2016/ From Manny

Americans  Handed Over the Truth with Roswell It is high time that Ufology wages a war against suppression of the truth. People that call themselves enthusiasts or Ufologists can no longer stand idly by while wearing weighted lead boots and attempting to reach the dangling golden carrot of

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